GoogleGroup Formation Primer

This is a custom training I developed so that my clients have a ready reference & can operate their GoogleGroups with ease. The sections are listed in order of importance. I have established the proper controls already for most questions. If I consider something a question for the Owner, I will write that into the instructions for the panel.

I have used all of the common listserv tools regularly since 2000. I am favoring GoogleGroups now because of its dominant position in this field.

Ground Zero

By clicking on the name of the group, you should be taken to a page that looks like this.


Enter the Management Section, the area circled on the upper right of the panel.


Choose your name, group email address, and group description. Spend some time thinking about this, especially how it will appear in your client’s Inbox.


This is the bottom section of Panel 1a. It shows the code to embed your group on your website. If you want this on your site right away, lets take care of 1a-1 questions right away.


Click the box to have your group listed in the GoogleGroups directory. I recommend this unless your list is private. No matter what you choose, I have set the group so that regular members and the public do not have access to users’ email addresses. `

General Info Panel 1c – Content Control

GoogleGroupTraining1c ContentControl-GeneralInfo

Leave this alone. If you want to choose “adult,” the choice is irrevocable. The “adult” choice means that every visitor will have to disclose their age to view the site.

Members Panels 2a – Directly Add Members here – 100 total adds per day allowed

I do not advise Inviting Members. It confuses people. Give them a way to contact you directly if they want to be removed from a list.


Members Panels 2c – Assign Members Roles


Almost everyone will be a “member.” That is the default entry.