Sleight of hand in financial reporting

These words don’t seem difficult, I mean not for average HS graduate. But in law school we are challenged on the meanings of word all the time. Good faith, good faith. Here. you are not demonstrating an actual legal position. Good faith means that you are bargaining within the tolerance of a reasonable person. Which is also a laden term. Who decides who is a reasonable person? The jury.

The provisions in the framework for individual taxpayers held some surprises for him (see Republicans release tax plan framework). “The biggest surprise to me was just how far the Republicans appear to have retreated over individual tax cuts,” Stamper added. “Not that long ago they were pushing hard for sweeping tax cuts for individuals in which individual and corporate rates would be reduced in lock step. What we have now is a top rate of 35 percent, but with the possibility of a fourth rate that would be close to what we have now, even in conjunction with the loss of itemized deductions. It appears they’re afraid of getting beat up over the perception that they’re providing tax cuts for the wealthy.”

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