A new method of tax preparation will make everyone’s life easier

Two new ideas:

  • scheduled weeks for your return preparation
  • monthly payment option for fees

So far, people tell me they like. Let me know what you think.

We will together decide on a week that is suitable for both you and I to prepare your tax return. I will focus solely on your return for that week and have it ready to file by the end of that week. (1)

What does this do? It gives you early accountability, and keeps me from being frazzled at the end tax season. If I can concentrate on one file at a time, mistakes are less likely to happen. Last year all the computer problems and health problems I suffered made my stress levels unacceptably high, which caused confusion. These tax deadlines are like law school finals, but like having 15 at a time due. I can’t take the pressure any more.

Because of my new brilliant sense of moderation, I will not solicit new tax clients unless you refer them to me. I have two new PC computers and one MAC, so the machine problems are managed.

So sign up and choose your week by emailing me at deb@onetaxmind.com.  If you got a refund last year, then of course we want to file early. But even if you have to pay, filing early will give you a chance to negotiate payments suitable to your situation. You can stay your return from being filed until April 16. You do not have to pay your taxes until April 16, even you filed your return early.

Now, I also offer a monthly payment system instead of a lump sum  due when the return is presented to you in filing form. This way I can better predict my income and you will not have such a large outlay all at one.

(1) If more time is needed due to the complexity of your return, we will discuss that up front.

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