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Over the years I have accumulated moral obligations that I repay by paying it forward. Most of my time is spent doing volunteer, charity, pro-bono and low-bono work. Your fees help support me in my work.

Students in high school do not receive the same Civics courses that we did. The social studies department at Oakland High is interested in implementing my Neighborhood Voting Project to get students involved in registering voters in their neighborhoods and connecting them to resources that will help them learn about candidates and issues. We want to start this Fall before the midterm elections!

I volunteer for The Ash Grove, the legendary folk and blues nightclub in Los Angeles, still a cultural and political benchmark and phenomenon. A film about the club is in the works, and Ash Grove-related events abound. I serve as the social media manager. Learn more about The Ash Grove at the site above and also drop by Ed Pearl’s Ash Grove Facebook.

In addition, Ed Pearl, The Ash Grove impresario, sends one email a day to his long-time fan base. Find that Google Group HERE at Ed’s Daily Digest. Learn about events and commentary related to the nightclub at The Ash Grove Google Group.

By giving me your business you are supporting my pro-bono and low-bono work. The Ash Grove is but one of many nonprofit organizations I have served over the years.

For the past 15 years, I have hosted, protected, and curated the collected works of Professor Howard Richards, Chairman Emeritus of the Peace and Global Studies Program at Earlham College. In both English and Spanish.

Project to Enforce the Geneva Convention
came to my attention through Jennifer VanBergen, legal scholar and animal rescue professional. Charly Gittings, the force behind the research, bequeathed me his intellectual property rights in the research he conducted to support the legal community’s fight against the legalization of torture and indefinite detention. His work was of particular use to the attorneys defending those lost in Guantanamo. He was proudest of this accomplishment: his amicus brief to the Supreme Court in Kiyimba v Obama.

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