I filed Single. It was an error.

Dear Mind,

My husband and I live apart, but we are still married and not legally separated. The tax practitioner prepared our taxes using Single filing status.

We didn’t notice. We need to fix this ASAP. What can we do? File Married Separate Returns, or Married Joint Returns?


Dear Not Single,

First, we need to know how may years back the problem arose. By that I mean that the IRS will not consider changing any tax year result after 3 years.

Hurry in to amend 2012 tax returns!

  • In IRS years, it is actually 1 year + 3 1/2 months, because the previous year deadline to file is where the IRS is working. So you have until April 15 to amend 2012 tax returns and get refunds or reductions of amounts due.

Second, please tell me you think you need to file an amended return.

  • Other less complicated options may be available to you.

Third, please provide copies of letters from the IRS or the State.

Fourth, provide copies of all years’ tax return in question.

  • We will run all three scenarios for you. Single, married filing separately (MFS), and married filing jointly (MFJ.) We will analyze each year for cost savings, @ $75 per year, for a typical 1040A or 1040 with Schedule A. Reasonable rates for Schedule C Sole Proprietors and Partnerships. The fee includes training in understanding your return without having to read what the IRS writes for us tax geeks.

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