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Your business assistant and tax preparer should be working for you, not some distant unaccountable corporation. “One Tax Mind” is a fun pun, but I am a generalist, curious about everything.

Please visit and click through to the Skills and Endorsements section of my LinkedIn profile to learn about one of 40 fun topics.

I am not alone. I consult with the best minds in personal and small business tax management to bring my clients outstanding results. I always save my clients time, money and heartache.

For maximum results, schedule a 3-day block of time. During that time you will have our full attention. We will prioritize your tax preparation work and follow up promptly. Our goal is to keep your tax position firmly in mind by not allowing lapses between followup. This will increase speed and accuracy.

  • Kwan Yin, Mother of Mercy,Healing Goddess
    Known as the Mother of Mercy in the East, Kuan Yin has been worshipped by Buddhists for thousands of years. She is the greatest of bodhisattvas and embodies the totality of compassion for humanity.

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  • Low-bono and pro-bono accounts offered conditioned upon interview

One Tax Mind is a local business headed by a disabled senior citizen. Help me stay independent!